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Exercising in winter

There’s just something about the cold weather that really can place a damper on one’s exercise routine. 

But consider this - 
Indirectly, exercise improves mood and sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety. Problems in these areas frequently cause or contribute to cognitive impairment.” (Harvard Health Publishing, 9 April 2014)


If you find that you are struggling to find inspiration to get moving this winter, here are some suggestions:

  • invite a friend to join you for a walk/workout, you are much more likely to go for the walk when you know a friend is waiting for you at your starting point
  • working in and around the house warms you up and burns some calories as you go
  • keep your exercise/physical goals in mind - write out a reminder or make a picture board of your goals and place it where you can see it regularly
  • rather than skipping your workout completely, try adjusting your routine to something less strenuous so that you still do some exercise (in stead of doing nothing at all)
  • if all else fails, go for a walk in the mall, although perhaps just a little faster than a stroll:)


If you need any advice, ask your physiotherapist to assist you with a home exercise program using
basic equipment such as a mat and a gym ball.